Thorpe Malsor Children’s Play Area

As many of you will know, the equipment in our small village play area is very old and much of it is beyond repair.  The parish council has been looking into the possibility of obtaining grants to improve the area and update the equipment.  

Kettering Borough Council has agreed a grant of £2500 towards improvements and an application has also recently been submitted to the Mick George Community Fund, in the hope that they too will consider helping to fund some new equipment.  

Thank you to everyone in the village who completed the questionnaire and wrote letters of support, including 12 from local children.  Also thanks to all who attended the meeting in the village club to hear about the project and contribute ideas. 

Unfortunately neither space nor funding will stretch to include the huge water slide that quite a few of the children were very keen on!  However, we hope that these efforts will be rewarded with an improved and more exciting play area, where children and families can meet and have fun in a safe environment.