Parish Council Policies & Procedures

These are the current written protocols, policies and procedures adopted by Thorpe Malsor Parish Council. They set out the way in which this Council conducts council business, delivers services, secures/manages data and actions requests for information.

These documents form part of the broader information that Parish Councils are expected to publish by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) in order to meet their commitments under the model publication scheme and comply with the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

More information on the requirement to publish information, and other information available from the Council, can be found on theĀ Access To Information page.

Policy Date Adopted Review Date
Standing Orders22/1/2019January 2020
Financial Regulations24/7/2018July 2019
Internet Banking25/8/2020December 2020
Code of Conduct24/7/2018July 2019
Data Protection Policy24/7/2018July 2019
Expenses Policy24/7/2018July 2019
Complaints Procedure24/7/2018July 2019
SAR Procedure24/7/2018July 2019