The British Museum comes to Kettering

From 22nd September to 12th January 2019 

Kettering Museum & Art Gallery are holding an exhibition of local ancient treasures, including world-class objects on loan from the British Museum that were found in the Borough of Kettering.

More details are available here and on their website.


The Desborough Necklace – on loan from the British Museum

A necklace found in Desborough, Northamptonshire that is 1500 years old.
1500 year old necklace

Ride & Stride Northamptonshire – Saturday, 8th September 2018

Ride & Stride for Churches

This annual sponsored ride/walk on Saturday, 8th September is organised to raise funds towards the upkeep of local churches and provides an opportunity to visit and admire them.  The event is organised by Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust, which has given substantial grants to Thorpe Malsor church in the past to fund major repairs.

People of any age can take part and you choose your own route according to how many churches you plan to visit.  Churches are open from 10am until 4pm or 6pm.

More information and sponsorship forms are available from Johnnie Powell.  Please telephone him on 01536 513924.

Please also see the  Ride & Stride Northamptonshire website for further information and the  List of Participating Churches which is available to download.


A43 Road Works

Northamptonshire Highways Department are carrying out re-surfacing work on the A43 between the A14 and Rockingham Road roundabouts.  We are informed that the road may be closed in sections for up to 15 consecutive nights, commencing Monday 14th May, and at other times there are likely to be delays.  Please refer to this map for further details and suggested alternate routes.


Big Breakfast

The recent Thorpe Malsor Big Breakfast has raised £180 which will added to the village hall funds and used to maintain the hall for village activities.  Thank you to everyone who came along to support the event and also to all who helped in the kitchen and serving breakfasts.


Thorpe Malsor Children’s Play Area

As many of you will know, the equipment in our small village play area is very old and much of it is beyond repair.  The parish council has been looking into the possibility of obtaining grants to improve the area and update the equipment.  

Kettering Borough Council has agreed a grant of £2500 towards improvements and an application has also recently been submitted to the Mick George Community Fund, in the hope that they too will consider helping to fund some new equipment.  

Thank you to everyone in the village who completed the questionnaire and wrote letters of support, including 12 from local children.  Also thanks to all who attended the meeting in the village club to hear about the project and contribute ideas. 

Unfortunately neither space nor funding will stretch to include the huge water slide that quite a few of the children were very keen on!  However, we hope that these efforts will be rewarded with an improved and more exciting play area, where children and families can meet and have fun in a safe environment.   


Church Floodlighting

Each year All Saints Church in Thorpe Malsor is floodlit in December and January to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.  You can sponsor a night in memory of a loved one, to mark a special occasion or simply to enjoy the sight of the floodlit Church.  The cost this year will remain at £6 per night, and the lights will be on from 1st December to 18th January.  Jane Harrison is taking names and collecting contributions.  She can be contacted on Kettering 412496 or just pop a note through her door - Manus Cottage, Church Way (almost opposite the Church).



Big Breakfast

Thorpe Malsor's recent 'Big Breakfast' has raised over £250.  The hard-working team in the kitchen and 'front of house' served up 76 breakfasts.  Thank you to everyone who came along and made the event a great success. Proceeds will go into the village hall fund, and help to finance other activities and events in the village.


Harvest Festival – Church Service & Lunch

Bookings for Thorpe Malsor's Harvest Lunch on Sunday, 22nd October, are now being taken by Joan Smart and Julie Bozicek.  Please see here for more information and their contact telephone numbers.