Jim Willis

We've sadly lost our oldest village resident Jim
There can't be many villagers who did not know him.
A character and friend to the end
So our thoughts we would like to lend.

Jim was generous to a fault, but content with his lot
Church Gates of Hope repaired, and looked after his family plot.
When village 'do's' were on Jim would be there
Stick in hand, cap on head, sitting in a comfy chair.

His fire at home was always lit
Telling stories of his grate that didn't fit.
A fir tree by his fence was eventually cut down
There the trunk was left in biggish rounds.

Then Jim with chainsaw sat for many hours
Cutting and stacking it into towers.
Never without fire lighting sticks thanks to Eddie
Bob brought coal when he was ready.

From the shed 'Do you want bolts or screws?'
'Any nuts Jim?' 'Ah! Got none of those'.
Another time he would say to have a clear out
Which was a fine idea, then he'd have a turnabout.

Once he had his scooter going there was no stopping
At break neck speed to the club he'd be popping!
Playing dominoes on Thursdays with his friends
Then most Fridays with Ken, these were his trends.

Any raffle he would have a go, winning many prizes
Of chocolate or bottles and other surprises.
'What do you know' would be what he would say
'How are you Jim?' 'Half and half' he'd reply this way.

'Got no complaints, club's doing all right'
'It's right what Bob says.' 'Am I right, am I right?'
'What's Thorpe news?' would follow after
That would create a bit of laughter.

Whisky was his favourite tipple, which must have kept him going
Yet he liked strong coffee with loads of sugar, there just is no knowing.
There is so much more that I could say
But let's remember Jim in our own special way.

To have reached 96 was fantastic you will agree
So rest in peace Jim, from all of us and me.

Sue Walton